Smartwell Flavors

Flavors and Enhancements


So Many Combinations

Customize beverages by mixing and matching mouth-watering flavors and healthy enhancements. With so many options, there's a combination to delight and satisfy everyone.



Lemon Flavor


Smartwell serves up to 100 beverage combinations. Combine your favorite flavors and add enhancements and sweetener to still or sparkling water for a truly customized beverage.



Choose from Vitamin C, Electrolytes or Caffeine to give your water an extra boost!



All Smartwell flavors and enhancements are zero-calorie, Kosher Certified and Gluten Free.





Replenishing Your Favorite Flavors and Enhancements Has Never Been Easier!

The Smartwell Portal allows users to conveniently monitor units and manage their pouch orders from a computer, smartphone or tablet. User can: 

  • Receive alerts to replace flavors, enhancements, filters and CO2. 
  • Instantly order new pouches and filters.
  • Review dashboards to understand performance and usage trends for all connected units.
  • Manage personal profile, as well as other user profiles.
  • Access helpful support manuals, FAQs and Customer Care contact information.
Countertop Touchless App

Flavors and Enhancement FAQs

In addition to fresh, filtered still or sparkling water, Smartwell offers a full range of delicious, unsweetened, zero-calorie flavors to delight and satisfy the most discerning tastes. Click here for the latest flavors and nutritional information.

Want to take your beverage up a notch? Smartwell offers a number of enhancements to elevate your beverage experience. Add a dose of healthy vitamin C or electrolytes, a little (or a lot) of natural sweetener or a boost of caffeine.

For optimal freshness, pouches should be stored in a cool, dry place between 60° - 85° F (15° - 30° C).

Yes, after 12 months. The freshest pouches will be shipped to you each month and are clearly marked with date codes. The pouches should be used as received, and date codes should be checked before placing pouches into the beverage dispenser to ensure contents have not expired before use.

Yes. All flavors and enhancements are gluten free.

Yes. All flavors and enhancements are certified kosher.

A small dose (a fraction of the flavor concentrate doses) is injected into each drink. This citric acid acts as a flavor enhancer, so each drink gives you the best experience and true fruit flavor.

Elkay has developed a proprietary ratio of flavor to water to ensure the best possible flavor.

We understand that water pressure varies per location. The new Smartwell units allow users to customize flavor concentration to their specific needs. See the Smartwell Troubleshooting Guide for more information.

It’s easy! Simply visit the Smartwell portal and place an order for flavors and enhancements of your choice. When you receive your pouches, you can easily update your pouch assortment from the unit using the admin screen.  Please refer to your Smartwell Use and Care manual for more information. 

Click here to view Smartwell’s current flavor and enhancement offerings.